The Basics of Search Engine Optimisation For Businesses

The single most basic thing that you can do SEO wise for your local business is:

Sort out your Google My Business Listing, before you even think about doing anything else! I will let you in to the big secret at the end, why you have to do this first!

Here are Three BIG tips to give your Google My Business Listing more Google Juice!

  1. Make sure that your My Business listing is 100% complete. Add to multiple categories aslong as they are relevent to your business. Always add photos and videos to your listing. Highlight all the specific Towns, Cities and counties that you offer your services to. Think about all the services that you offer – Break it right down.
  2. Get plenty of reviews. Everytime you carry out work for a client ask them if they would mind putting a review on Google. Remember! Google is now looking for this type of information from all over the web including Facebook, Google+ etc etc. Make use of these social networking platforms.
  3. Submit your details to Online Business Directories. There are 1000′s of business directories on the web. Make sure that you add details correctly – that your address, telephone etc match to your Google Places listing.

There you go – 3 straight forward areas to look at to Boost your My Business listing up to the top!

Ok, so i why did i say it is so important to do this first?

One of the single biggest ranking tools for a local business are Citations. Hundreds of Business Citations on local and national directory style sites like Yell scream to Google that you are a real business and are the first steps to ranking a local business.

The way Google lists your address may not be exactly the same way you would have done. Google likes to turn words like “Lane” into “Ln”. You want ever single Citation that you build to have consistent NAP across them (Company Name, Address and Phone Number).

So you do the Google Listing first, then you use exactly the same NAP details on every Citation you build (or outsource) as Google uses to display your Business.

Happy Local Rankings!