Can You Rank A New Website Without Building Links?

Find Out If You Really Can Rank A Brand New Website Without Building Links

So what is linking building and why is it important? I am not going to go in to great detail, other than to say, it is the process of getting other websites on the internet to link back to yours, which counts like a vote for your website in the eyes of search engine.Want an in depth explanation? Then check out this detailed guide at MOZ. Is it really possible to rank a new websites without actually building links? This is a question you probably want to know the answer.

If so, then continue to read this article and by the end of it, you will have a better idea if this is possible.

The answer to the question is yes, but you can really only rank a new website if you target low competitive keywords and phrases or like one of our SEO partners Brand That Name did, targeting foreign keywords.  There is almost virtually no chance of ranking a site for highly or even medium competitive keywords and phrases. Also, it’s worth pointing out that if you target obscure low competitive keywords, the chances are you will get very little traffic.

If you were to analyze the most competitive searches, you will quickly discover that external links are present. This is usually the case, which means if you want to rank a new website for keywords that are competitive, then external links are a must. It is extremely rare that a website will rank for competitive keywords without external links, let alone a brand new website.

It is possible for a new site’s individual pages to rank if there are external links pointing to the site’s homepage. This isn’t always the case, and the chances of you experiencing this with a new website are slim. The bottom line is links are important and it is a well-known fact that there is an association between the number of external links (quality links) from websites and higher rankings. In other words, if there are many unique websites linking to your website, then the chances are your site will rank, even if it is relatively new.

As you can see, it is extremely difficult to rank a new site without building links. Unless you aim to rank for keywords that are very low in competition, then you probably won’t rank a new website without building links. Just remember, if you do decide to build links, do it the right way and don’t take shortcuts.

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